Everyday Bold Smokes
Master Built Series
Brotherhood Series
Custom Built
Everyday Bold Smokes
High-impact satisfaction that’s always within reach.

These distinguished, yet affordable smokes are at the core of the Camacho portfolio – offering a wide range of intense flavors to discover. Every cigar in this series is elevated by the bold, smooth flavor of the legendary original Corojo leaf. A one-of-a-kind tobacco that began in Cuba and lives on in Camacho… and only in Camacho.






Master Built Series
Break the chains of convention and reward yourself with something truly unique.

This collection of premium cigars was inspired by the uncompromising craftsmanship of our master builders. From the world’s first bourbon barrel-aged leaves to a cigar inspired by the power, performance and acceleration of the classic V-twin engine. The Master Built Series is defined by unapologetically pushing the boundaries in the name of bold flavor and limitless experiences.




Brotherhood Series
A collection of cigars as bold as the men who inspired them, intended for those who value integrity above all else.

Built to honor the boldest personalities in the Camacho community. Our Brotherhood Series is unshakably rooted in the elemental right to live free. Free from limits. Free from compromise. Free to follow your own path, on your own terms. Each cigar is a celebration of the bond between men who take action and never sit idly by.


CamachoLiberty 2015 

Custom Built
This is your chance to smoke what the big dogs smoke.

A collection of cigars custom-built for men of character and accomplishment. Unrivaled craftsmanship and a singular intensity for bold personalities only. The likes of Mike Ditka, Matt Booth and Rob Weiss, whose exacting standards are firmly embedded into each of their signature smokes. Powerful taste. Undeniable quality. Pleasure, fully unleashed.



Ditka 89


BG MeyerStandardIssue

BG MeyerSlackers

BG MeyerGigantes