REVIEW: Halfwheel test drives the new BG Meyer by Camacho, Scores it 92 points

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Later this week—or early next week—when the debut release of B.G. Meyer Co. lands on a retailer’s shelves, a transition will be complete. It’s not for Rob Weiss, the owner and face of B.G. Meyer Co., but rather, for Camacho—who serves as his partner in the new venture.

It’s the completion of the new Camacho, which formally kicked off a little over a year ago in Dallas, Texas when the Honduran brand showed off new branding, and in some cases, new blends of its entire portfolio. This extended all the way to Honduras, where the factory Oettinger Davidoff Group had purchased from the Eiroa family four and a half years before, was getting a new name, new management and much like the brand itself—a new identity. Weiss, a television producer, is the third member of Camacho’s Board of Bold, joining football coach Mike Ditka and jewelry designer Matt Booth, as celebrity brand ambassadors who also have their own brands, all made at Agroindustria LAEPE S.A., better known as “the Camacho factory.”


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